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Sandhole Oak Barn // Cheshire Wedding Venue


In the leafy countryside of Cheshire, just of the A34 lays Sandhole Oak Barn near the village of Hulme Walfield.  I  had viewed the venue a long time ago when i was planning my wedding and immediately fell in love with it, so when I was travelling to Stoke to collect a repaired lens I popped in a spoke with the owners about getting some photos and writing a blog about the venue on my way back.  They were fine with  me doing this, so this is my blog about the lovely Sandhole Oak Barn

The venue is reached by a long road which takes you to a farm building directly ahead and a small car park with outbuildings to the right.  These outbuildings turned out to be bed and breakfast rooms to be used by the wedding party.  Along with these rooms is a preparation room for the bride to be.

When you follow the outbuildings round you come to the part of the venue that you will all be interested in, the oak barn.  A gorgeous wooden barn surrounded by the greenery of Cheshire’s countryside, a clocktower that has to be seen to be believed, and then a wrap around veranda that gives the most gorgeous view of the lake.



On the far side of the lake there is a single oak tree, which is illuminated at night and can be used for some incredible portrait photography of you both.

In the oak barn itself, it is a beautiful open plan building with high ceilings and exposed oak beams.  As you enter the building, directly to you left there is a the ceremony and dance floor portion of the building, perfectly sized for both parts of your day and evening.  As you walk straight ahead is the main part of the building for the all important wedding breakfast (and the bar!) according to the brochure it can seat 150 people.  When I was there, a venue dresser was setting up for a wedding the following day, and the fairy lights on the oak beams looked brilliant.

This is simply an amazing venue.  I hope one day that I will be able to shoot a wedding here, and if I ever get married again, I will certainly have this as the top of my list!

For further information please visit the website here

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